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Heal From Within 

Discover the power of intuitive healing.  Whether you seek emotional release, calrity, or spiritual growth our Intuitive Haling services can provide the guidance and support you need. 


Experience profound healing using Reiki, Reiki Holy Fire and Energy Healing to access and unlock your inner potential or to simply recharge and energise. 

Contact us us today to start your spiritual wellness.  

Intuitive Healing

 Manifest With Your Chakras 

Embarking on chakra balancing is an invitation to unlock your true potential and rediscover your inner harmony, boundless energy and emotional well-being.  

Start your journey today to cultivate a thriving chakra system and see the transformational results. 

Workplace Wellness 

Arthas Healing Place offers corporate wellness programs tailored to address the challenges of today's fast-paced work environments. Our services focus on reducing stress, anxiety, while promoting relaxation and productivity. With our empowering meditation courses, employees learn to cultivate a calm, balanced, and focused mind, leading to personal and professional growth.


Our programs go beyond physical fitness, making a long-term impact on individuals' lives. By reducing anxiety and stress, meditation enhances concentration, resilience, and confidence, promoting effective teamwork and client interactions.


Complement your existing wellness program or establish a new one with Arthas Healing Place's tailored courses and packages.

Achieve Optimal Workplace Wellness
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Be Unstoppable: Manifest Your Dream Life

Go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to becoming unstoppable with unique 8 step program.


Designed to identify blocks, clear them and activate through new actions. Try to manifest through Law of Attraction and mental mind but unless taking action and changing old patterns of behaviours will experience limited manifestation.


My unique steps shows where the blocks are and what action to take to have lasting success and positive changes in your life.

Play Big: Be Loyal To Your Dreams

Our services focus on removing limiting beliefs, blocks, and imprints that may be holding you back. Through the Akashic  Records and the Power of light language, we work to clear karmic and ancestral blocks and restrictions, allowing you to tap into your divine gifts and soul records. By unlocking your desired life and awakening the goddess within you.   We believe that true manifestation goes beyond the Law of Attraction and mental mindset; it requires taking action and changing old patterns of behavior.

What new circumstances do you want to create in your life in the next six months? Set your intention, let's clear the blocks and tap into your divine gifts.  

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Heart Centred Soul Empowerment

Are you encountering specific issues in your life that you want resolving?

A range of services are available to dive into specific situations that allows you to continue on your path of divine self expression. 


  • Relationships.

  • Abundance & Prosperity,

  • Career Situation

  • Family Life

  • Health and Well-being

  • General Life Situation

Energetic Misalignment of Values - where see patterns keep repeating and subconscious programs inserted as coping mechanisms or survival. Realign them to thoughts that serve you. Equip you with tools Monthly Practice with supporting material to repeat on ongoing basis

Connect With Your Spirit Guides For Divine Guidance And Healing

We offer a unique spiritual and intuitive service that can help you remove these obstacles and unlock your true potential. Our team of helpers from the invisible realm is here to support you in creating a soul-centered, heart-led life. With their assistance, you can manifest the experiences you desire and live a fulfilling human experience.


If you're searching for your life purpose or need guidance in any aspect of your life, our experts can connect you with your spirit guides and access divine wisdom. It's time to embrace your soul's journey and experience transformational results.

Transform your life today! With the guidance of our Spirit Guides, you'll get priceless insights and guidance in your life to manifest your goals. 

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