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Predictive Intuition to Manifest Your Destiny: Chakra Healing 


Do you feel out of balance, stressed, or stuck in your life? Do you want to heal your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues? Do you want to connect with your intuition and your guides for guidance and support?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need an Intuitive Healing session. Intuitive Healing is a holistic healing practice that uses the healer’s intuition and Reiki energy to locate and correct the source of imbalances in your energy flow within and around your body. Intuitive Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine, but a complementary therapy that can enhance your well-being.


Combining Intuitive Healing and Reiki Energy Healing modalities, to go deeper and release stored toxins, reduce stress and promote relaxation.  However sometimes though for patients or clients who are at end of life, it is often about helping to make them feel comfortable and supporting the journey to transition in returning to energy. 


You’ll discover:

  • Healing is going so much more that beyond the symptoms.

  • The healing takes place to go to the cause or the imbalance of the energy flow to correct the dis-ease.

  • At our soul level, each of us has the ability to connect into our healing potential in so many ways.  Healing is going beyond the physical to connect with the spiritual at the soul energy levels.

  • Healing can also take place on a higher level affecting the emotions, mental and spiritual life.

  • If healing takes place in one area of your life, it can also positively affect other aspects of your life.


In this Intuitive Healing session, I will help you:

  • Set your intention and take you on a short guided meditation to relax and prepare for the healing

  • Use my intuition and Reiki Holy Fire energy to scan and clear your energy field and chakras

  • Channel guidance from your guides and give you messages that are relevant to your situation

  • Create a plan of action to implement the changes you want to see in your life


How does the session work?

Once you order your Intuitive Healing session, you will receive an email with the details of the order. You can select a date and time on the calendar at the time of booking. The session lasts an hour long and will be conducted online via a virtual conferencing tool. The effects are just as effective as in person and save you the inconvenience and cost of travel.

What You Need To Bring?

  • A willingness to take responsibility for doing what is necessary to achieve the goal.  Please also be open minded to new ideas or attitudes about the goal. 

  • A willingness to release unconscious, negative thoughts that may be holding you back from achieving the goal. (Be open to the possibility that the goal you are trying to achieve is not in your highest good and this will be revealed to you). 

  • Be ready to make changes in your life including attitude about yourself


Are you ready to balance your energy and heal your life with Intuitive Healing? If so, click here to book a session with me today.


To Your Unlimited Abundance

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