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Your Path, Your Way: Life Situation Readings 

We all face those tricky life situations that seem to keep us in a loop. It's time to break free and move forward towards your goals! Introducing Life Situation Readings - your key to unlocking a brighter path. 

This reading checks for 8 different blocks and restrictions, from Genetic Karma to Hooks and Cords. Submit up to 4 different Life Situations, and let's get to work! But, wait, it's recommended to start with a Soul Star Reading for the best results!
Life situations have roots in this life, past lives, and even genetic karma. Let's explore some examples:


  • Struggling with communication or power dynamics with your partner?

  • Single and longing for a meaningful connection?

  • Attracting partners who don't align with your true self?

  • Finding it hard to emotionally connect with a family member?

  • Coping with emotionally immature family members causing conflicts?

  • Dealing with chronic illnesses that baffle you?

  • Feeling energetically drained and seeking wellness?

  • Longing for better health but feeling like you're fighting against your own will

  • Feeling drained or uninspired at your job?

  • Dreaming of a new career but feeling stuck on where to begin?

  • Dealing with a challenging boss or colleague?

  • Feel like you are being energetically drained by someone/something?

  • Does money seem to slip through your fingers?

  • Experience sporadic flows of income?

  • Earning well, yet feeling unfulfilled with your current financial path?

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