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Spirit Team Guidance: Connect With Your Guides To Receive Support

Beautiful soul!


   ♦️   Do you feel lonely, confused, or stuck in your life?

   ♦️   Do you want to receive guidance, inspiration, and expertise from your spiritual team?

   ♦️   Do you want to know who your spirit guides are and how they can help you manifest your soul’s purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a Spirit Team Guidance session.


Spirit Team Guidance is a connect you with your team of Spirit Guides.  Our guides are a group of souls who are aligned with us to support us in manifesting our divine soul expression.


Spirit guides are not here to tell you what to do or where to go, but to leave signs and relay your intentions to the Universe. They have your best interests at heart and you can call upon them for guidance at any time.


You’ll discover:

  • The difference between your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides

  • Learn who you are guides are the Soul-level and how you can work with them to manifest your goals in your life.

  • Gain insights into how your Guides interact with you

  • Channel guidance from your spirit guides and give you messages that are relevant to your situation

  • Give you tips and tools to communicate with your spirit guides and work with them in your daily life

  • The gifts your team of Spirit Guides have and how they complement your Divine Soul gifts


How The Session Works?

  • In this session, you will know how many Guides you have on your team working on your behalf.

  • The role each of your Guides play to support you in this incarnation

  • The identity of your guides and the sensations or impulse they send for you to know they are with you.

  • Any personal messages they have for you at this time.

  • Once you make a booking you will receive an option to make a booking for usually for a week out from the date of booking.  I will ask you for some brief information including any specific areas you want guidance from your Spirit Guides. 

  • After the session, you will receive a summary of your Spirit Guides as described above including the recording of the session in a downloadable format. 

  • As a bonus, you will also receive a short meditation to continue the connection with your Team.


What Do I Need to Bring?

  • This is an informative session with guidance from your Spirit Team on situations going on in your life right now.  

  • Be willing to open-minded to new ideas and perspectives about your situation or event occurring in your life. 

If you feel called to connect with your spirit guides and receive their support, click here to book a session with me today.

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