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The Connected Physical and Non Physical

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

A short message that was channeled from my guides.

We can not separate our physical from the non-physical spiritual soul that we are. Tune in and tap into your intuition or as some call it that gut feeling.

When there is a mismatch between who you are and meant to be these are reflected as behaviors of insecurity, fear, doubt, guilt and seeking approval from others. These can manifest as toxic behaviors relying on a relationship to validate who you are or job that you are no longer getting fulfillment from.

Go within and begin to get comfortable with who you are and the sense of self. You can change your reality, bit by bit. It starts with becoming comfortable with who you are and self love.

We say start to live your life through love, embracing the bumps in the road as well as the good times to grow your soul to be best you in this lifetime.

This is an extract of a channelled message from my guides. If you are interested to learn more please contact me for further information.

Alternatively leave a comment below.

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