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Love From the Soul

Updated: Feb 8

Welcome to My Blended Spiritual Life

Wait what? Blended Spiritual life? I have been on this journey flipping between what many call 3D and the higher dimensions. I use to think that you are born, you experience life and then you die.

Secretly deep down I had a belief and an inner knowing that there was more to life. I pursued career in the corporate world defining my success by my promotions and job titles - yet I felt I was an impostor. That was until I experienced a number of life events that took me on a path to answer the question "Who am I really?"

Here you will find help and support on how to connect you to your team of helpers, angels, guides and ascended masters and higher intelligence to receive guidance, connect with your inner soul to unleash the power within to fulfill your soul's purpose.

With a wide range of topics on developing your intuitive gifts, growing your connection with your high self, healing, accessing your Light Language plus so much more to support with navigating these uncertain times moving to the New Earth Energy.

We are energy beings having a human experience. We are not our experience and our experience are not us. You are here for a Divine reason and together we can unconditionally love ourselves and find insight into "who am I really?"

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